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Representative Cases:

Our Experts were involved in a case involving a nation-wide conglomerate of Skilled Nursing Facilities. A former owner had split off to fund a competing interest, which the plaintiffs alleged was in violation of a non-competition agreement. Our Experts work included a business appraisal and an examination of the terms of the non-competition agreement. Our Experts also rebutted the conclusions of an opposing experts witness.

Our Experts calculated damages for a case involving a manufacturer of medicated covers for intravenous injection ports. They had a patent for their design, and alleged that another company’s product was in violation. Our conclusions were accepted by the Court, resulting in damages far in excess of our fees in the matter.

Our Experts were involved in a case involving a doctor and former partner of a nephrologist medical group. The medical group had a profits sharing plan that paid bonuses the former partner alleged had not paid out bonuses timely or in following the profit sharing plan. Our Experts analyzed the bonus payments and underlying calculations and discovered that, while there were certain doctors had indeed been underpaid, the former partner had been overpaid. The Court accepted our conclusions, resulting in significantly less damages than the former partner had demanded.

Our Experts were involved in a dispute between a local hospital and their parent company. The hospital had a profit sharing plan that paid if the hospital achieved certain benchmarks. The hospital met most of the benchmarks, but failed key financial benchmarks. The hospital alleged this was due to disproportionate overhead allocations. Our Experts analyzed the overhead allocation calculations. Our conclusions were used in settlement to get a bonus several million dollars larger than what was offered and negotiate and amendment to the profit sharing plan.

Our Experts worked on a case involving a well-renowned plastic surgeon. The doctor had been removed from his medical group for dubious reasons; however, the medical group continued to keep the doctor’s marketing materials (before and after pictures) on their website. Our Experts calculated the doctor’s lost profits and appraised the market value of the marketing materials left on their website. This was used in settlement for multiple millions of dollars.

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