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Our Work on Insurance Claims

Representative Cases:

Our Experts have assisted the US Air Force assess the validity of insurance claims following an incident. A plane crashed into some light commercial buildings adjacent to their airport. Several insurance claims were filed and submitted to the USAF for subrogation. Our Experts reviewed the amounts claimed and the underlying financial records. Our conclusions resulted in several thousands of dollars of these claims being not paid because they were either duplicative, not recoverable, or fraud.

Our Experts were involved in a dispute between a restaurant and their insurance carriers over a co-insurance clause. The carrier performed their calculation using tax returns that were different than actual results due to bonus depreciation allowances. Our Experts showed that, when calculating co-insurance with normal depreciation, the policy would have paid out in full The matter was settled out of court with favorable terms for our client.

Our Experts have been involved in multiple cases economic damages surrounding wild fires. In one such case, Our Experts calculated economic damages in connection with the firefighters’ policy of “let-it burn”, and calculated what the costs of fire suppression would have been had the fires been put out at an earlier time. In several other cases, Our Experts determined whether cost reimbursement requests were properly documented by reviewing thousands of procurement documents.

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