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We will happily provide an initial phone consultation at no cost and no ongoing obligation. This will allow Our Experts to discuss the ins and outs of your project, including:

  • The facts of your project
  • Your expectations regarding our involvement
  • Whatever deadlines you might have

This would also allow Our Experts to talk about how we can help, including:

  • Tell you about the information and research Our Experts have that might benefit your project
  • Explore the relevant information, research and documents Our Experts will need to perform our work
  • What Our Experts can do and what Our Experts can not do given the limitations of your project
  • Explain the steps that are typical in projects similar to yours
  • Discuss the reports and testimony that would meet your requirements
  • To the extent possible, provide guidance regarding costs

Here’s how to reach us:

(213) 315-2700

700 S. Flower Street
Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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