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Why hire Nolte Analytics?

Our Experts work in the fields of business valuation, forensic accounting, and commercial damages, with related courtroom experience. Our Experts have served many of this country’s prominent companies and most of the largest law firms, with thousands of hours of testimony.

With extensive experience across a broad cross-section of industries, Our Experts are better because:

  • We provide cogent analyses that helps identify and clarify issues early in the process. Having worked on thousands of matters involving commercial and economic damages, Our Experts avoid the wrong-turns and mistakes made by others, which means we deliver cost-effective advice and conclusions.
  • We provide credible and persuasive testimony that withstands the pointed challenges of the courtroom. Intensive attention is taken in critiquing an opposing party’s view, leading to the most bulletproof analyses that judges and juries find compelling.
  • We create convincing graphics and reports that make even the most complex issues understandable to clients, judges, and juries. We aim to provide that moment of “aha.”
  • You will be working directly with the team leaders (and not relegated to inexperienced subordinates). That means less frustration and you get final answers quicker.

We get repeat business because we deliver powerful results. For the specific expertise we bring, read further on the below pages.

Our Experts look forward to working with you. Cheers!

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