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Our Work on Labor & Employment

Representative Cases:

Our Experts calculated payroll damages owed due to labor code violations Under California law for a class action lawsuit. The owners of a chain of franchise fast-food restaurants with hundreds of employees (i) had not been been making timely payroll payments, (ii) not been providing lunch and rest breaks, (iii) not paying overtime and (iv) not paying departing wages. The employer did not have proper records to reconcile payroll to timecard records, so Our Experts (effectively) recreated their payroll records. We then calculated penalties owed under California State Law. This matter did not do to trial; our work was used to aide in settlement.

Our Experts were involved in a dispute between a class of group musicians and one of the largest labor union that represents them to the movie and entertainment industry. The union had hired a related-party to assist in the calculation of royalties for use of their music. This came at the class’ expense and the class alleged the union was breaching their fiduciary duty. Our Experts used statistical sampling to estimate by how much the royalties were being misallocated. Our Experts ultimately concluded that the relatively minor cost of the related-party services greatly outweighed the benefits to the class of getting proper royalty allocations.

Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

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