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Our Work for the Construction Industry

Representative Cases:

Our Experts did a business appraisal in connection with the buyout of a owner of a construction company that builds concrete liquid-storage tanks. The Buy-Sell Agreement required that the purchase price be based on three appraisals: the year of, the year before and the year after the buyout date. The unique terms in the Buy-Sell Agreement meant that Our Experts had to identify guideline information that could be applied in all three years in order to achieve credible results. Additionally, Our Expert rebutted the appraisal of an opposing experts. Our results were used in settlement to negotiate a favorable price.

Our Experts served as a rebuttal witness on a case involving an oil field services company that manufactures the saltwater solution used as an additive in drilling fluids for the oil and gas industry. The plaintiff, a competitor of our client, believed former employees had stolen their proprietary solution and stolen one of their largest customers. After addressing the nature of the “secrets” at issue, Our Experts calculated their lost profits. The Court accepted our conclusions and awarded damages significantly lower than the opposing expert had claimed.

Our Experts were involved in a case where an electrical contractor’s copyrighted architectural drawings were stolen by a former employee who went on to form a competing firm. This competitor was able to under bid on these contracts with the benefit of not recouping their costs and ultimately stole away all future business from several clients. Our Experts calculated lost profits on the contracts that were lost, and future lost profits on the ongoing business relationship.

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