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Our Work on Fraud Investigations

Representative Cases:

Our Experts worked with a major banking institution to investigate alleged fraud by a movie production company. The bank funded the company based on the amount of domestic and foreign licensing secured for its films. The production company signed licensing agreements with related parties to bolster the amount of funding received to over $100 million. Our Experts tracked the flow of funds to show how, where and when cash was siphoned. Our work was accepted by the court and damages for most of the funds were awarded.

Our Experts worked with a native American tribe to investigate alleged embezzlement by multiple tribal leaders. The leaders had been paying for personal credit card expenses, funding lavish renovations to their personal residences, and purchasing personal real estate, luxury cars, and gold, to name a few. Our work resulted in a judgement of several million dollars and criminal charges, which Our Experts also assisted with.

Our Experts worked for the US federal government to investigate the claimed losses of a aerospace company. The aerospace company stored an experimental aircraft in a government hangar when it partially collapsed, damaging the aircraft. Our Experts were hired to determine the accuracy of the claimed loss of the experimental aircraft. Our Experts identified evidence of multiple sets of accounting records, inclusion of non-business costs (for example, private school tuition, luxury cards, alimony payments to the CEO’s wife, to name a few), and spoliation of evidence (the company had added, altered, and deleted accounting records going back years in the weeks before the accounting records were produced). Our conclusions were used to pay out damages that were several million dollars less than was claimed, and the case was turned over to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

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