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Representative Cases:

Our Experts have assisted the US Air Force assess the validity of insurance claims following an incident. A plane crashed into some light commercial buildings adjacent to their airport. Several insurance claims were filed and submitted to the USAF for subrogation. Our Experts reviewed the amounts claimed and the underlying financial records. Our conclusions resulted in several thousands of dollars of these claims being not paid because they were either duplicative, not recoverable, or fraud.

Our Experts worked on a case involving a team botanists with the University of California. They produced patented, genetically-engineered plants for commercial agriculture. Due to the actions of the UC, the botanists lost access to their genetic materials, which meant there were several years they were unable to product plant cultivars. Our Experts calculated several hundred million dollars of lost sales due to loss of these patented cultivars, which The Court adopted.

Our Experts were involved in a securities fraud investigation. The defendants attracted Chinese investment in US real estate ventures as part of EB-5 visas. The investments had very specific spending restrictions that the Securities & Exchange Commission alleged were not being followed. Our Team analyzed the cashflows used to purchase cashier’s checks (which were used to buy real estate at action) and ultimately concluded that nothing was out of order. The SEC ultimately dropped the charges.

Our Experts were involved in a contract dispute between a municipal government and their waste disposal utility. The municipal government claimed they were owed significant monies due to overcharges once their contract was declared void. Our Team found that their service provider had incorrectly calculated their services charges for decades (in the municipality’s benefit). Our Experts advised the case be settled because had the matter gone to trial, the error would have been identified and the municipality would paid several hundred million dollars, instead of received. The matter settled.

Our Experts worked for the US federal government to investigate the claimed losses of a aerospace company. The aerospace company stored experimental aircraft in an government hangar when the hangar partially collapsed, damaging the aircraft. Our Experts was hired to investigate the claimed loss of the experimental aircraft. Our Experts identified evidence of multiple sets of accounting records, inclusion of non-business costs (private school tuition, luxury cards, alimony payments to the CEO’s wife), and spoliation of evidence (the company had added, changed and deleted their financial accounting records going back years just before the accounting records were produced). Our conclusions were used to pay out damages several million dollars less than was claimed, and the case was turned over to the Department of Justice.

Credit: Priya Karkare

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