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We Do Personal Injury & Employment Damages

In personal injury cases, most juries do not know how much to award for damages. With no sound basis, juries may award damages based on a gut-feeling. A damages expert can provide that sound basis. Unfortunately, not all experts are created equal. You should hire an expert than can provide quality conclusions and present them convincingly while on a budget.

Real value comes from real experience. Our Experts includes professionals each with up to 40+ years of experience. This means we are well-equipped to convincingly present our conclusions to a judge and jury, to provide meaningful critique to opposing experts’ opinions, and to successfully defend our conclusions under cross-examination.

Proper calculation of employment and personal injury damages require appropriate professional judgement in order to achieve meaningful results. Our Experts hold the most well-regarded professional credentials from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the American Society of Appraisers. The requirements that accompany these credentials mean we provide credible results that conform to the highest professional standards.

As a licensed CPA firm, Our Experts routinely work with large sets of data, which are often an integral part of employment and personal injury cases. We are comfortable analyzing employment transactional, time card, and payroll data. As a result, we perform the needed calculations in a cost-effective manner, without the wrong turns and false-starts caused by a lack of experience.

Our Services

Employment damages and personal injury calculations are core to our practice. Our Services include:

  • Wrongful termination & retaliation
  • Class-action claims involving claims of unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, meal and rest break violations
  • Employment discrimination, including gender, race, age, and sexual orientation
  • Future earnings and future earnings growth
  • Loss of earning potential, employment benefits, employee stock options and household services
  • Expected work life
  • Present value discounts for future investment earnings

We have done hundreds of cases involving personal injury and employment damages, in a wide variety of industries

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