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Our Work on Environmental Matters

Representative Cases:

Our Experts were involved in a dispute between a waste-to-energy company and one of their customers, a landfill. The energy company required natural gas (a byproduct of decomposition of landfill materials) of sufficient quantity and quality to keep their turbines operational. When the landfill was unable to meet the requirements, production fell, and the energy company sued for lost profits. Out Experts analyzed damages using an complicated model that tracked daily gas quantity, gas quality, and production metrics, which were ultimately used to reach a favorable settlement.

Our Experts have been involved in multiple cases economic damages surrounding wild fires. In one such case, Our Experts calculated economic damages in connection with the firefighters’ policy of “let-it burn”, and calculated what the costs of fire suppression would have been had the fires been put out at an earlier time. In several other cases, Our Experts determined whether cost reimbursement requests were properly documented by reviewing thousands of procurement documents.

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